The kitchen is the key to Margarete’s heart. That is where ideas and feelings become food. No matter if simple or sophisticated – we do focus on quality with no frills, just down-to-earth, yet up to date and exciting dishes. Most ingredients a produced in the greater surroundings and supplied by people we cherish. We are confident you will taste that and do hope you enjoy being our guest.


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Margarete's Winter Menu



    crispy black bread, „Tiroler Speck“ (bacon) and chives

    Sweet chestnut pie with marinated truffle

    baked apple and barberry chutney with ice plant and caramelized cacao beans


    Roasted duck breast

    pink, with blood orange

    Baked beetroot

    baked for three days, comes with Offenbach ricotta and core-oil-Hollandaise

    Salmon from Faroe Island

    roasted with lemon, Kalamata olives and anise

    … each comes with mashed celery, almond pumpkin and Brussels sprouds with Pernot


    Baked apple parfait

    with a bergamotte praliné and Cru-Virunga-chocolate

Winter Grill Menu

  • Starters

    Tartar of beef

    with wasabi mayonnaise
    or: Carpaccio of fermented vegetables

    Margarete‘s potato soup

    with crispy black bread and chive


    Sirloin steak

    from black pied cattle

    Fillet of beef
    from black pied cattle


    Corn-fed chicken suprême
    Grilled local mushrooms from Offenbach

    ...each served with a selection of vegetables, Margaretes soffritto and saffron-spelt-rice

  • Dessert

    Flamed chocolate tarte
    with lemon-pepper-sorbet and candied ginger
    Blue cheese

    with fruit bread and cassis