Our bistro has a living room character and reminds of the restaurant’s name patron Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky.


It is a coffee house and an urban place to meet and chat at any time of the day. In addition to our regular lunch and dinner menu we offer small bites for in between and also special dishes changing daily and weekly. Of course, you may also go for coffee and cake, a good wine or long drink. We are at your service.



    Cucumber-avocado Gazpacho

    with a fried wild prawn and Amarant-cress


    cold potato soup with pink potato crisps and chive

    Tapas Nr. 1

    Humus with olive oil and Sumac tree spice, marinated olives and spelt bread

    Tapas Nr. 2

    “Handkäs with music”, Frankfurt’s Grüne Soße (green Sauce) with two half eggs (boiled)
    and garden cress, salted butter and spelt bread


    Frankfurt’s Grüne Soße (green Sauce)

    with four half eggs (boiled), garden cress and potatoes in skin

    Frankfurt’s Grüne Soße (green Sauce) with roasted meat (cold cut)

    horseradish, Maldon sea salt, garden cress and potatoes in skin

    Margarete’s fennel-bratwurst

    with horseradish and mustard, salted butter and spelt bread

    “Stramme Margarete”

    Butter-roasted farmhouse bread with salad, cucumber and tomato, razorthin Italian salami,
    mountain cheese and two eggs sunny side up
    – vegetarian: with double cheese –


    Confit artichoke bottoms and plum tomatoes

    – vegan option –

    Fried goat cheese and apricat pepper roaster
    Roast corn-fed chicken
    Falafel with lime-sesame-sauce

    – vegan option–

    Each comes with a big garden salad from Permaculture with sliced vegetables, homemade kimchi,
    seed-crumble and marinated shiitake mushrooms.


    Grilled salmon
    Grilled entrecôte
    Grilled mushrooms

    – vegan option –

    Falafel with lime-sesame-sauce

    – vegan option –

    Each comes with spelt rice, plum tomato salsa, grilled artichock, raita, kimchi and herb salad.


    Corn-fed chicken
    Goat cheese
    Local mushrooms from Mühlheim

    – vegan option –


    Passion fruit semolina flummery

    with salted caramel

    Tarte of Cru-Virunga-chocolate

    mit compte, fresh berries and Peta Zeta

    Duet of sorbet