Margaretes Phô, the white of the leek, goat cheese, souffled heart of the artichoke, haddock loin with mangalitsa or braised lamb shank and apple-icecream-chocolate with warm nougat

Spring is coming up, with Easter around the corner! We have been inspired by what market and nature have to offer, and as usually we rely on trusted producers and high-quality ingredients. And so we created a menu which gives strengh and awakens the vital spirits.

Enjoy your meal!

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We love beer. We enjoy drinking and selling it and we like to have it a good taste. Since we did not discover a beer within Frankfurt that did convince us as consumers, we took matters in hand ourselves: The FXXXXFXXXXR HELLE is as straight and good a beer could be for each and every occasion.

We put emphasis on adding value to our city and region, to restaurant proprietors, who serve beer and everybody holding our FXXXXFXXXXR HELLES in their hand.

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In cooperation with Büro Schramm für Gestaltung Margarete publishes a series of bookazines. Each booklet tells the story of a road trip to a producer or to a special location where we discovered certain ingredients … then presents the meal preparation and corresponding beverages.

Aside from what we eat it is also the factors of where and with whom, don’t you agree? Togetherness. Thus, these booklets and our regular cooking nights (announced within the newsletter) are our invitation to dine, snack and feast with us and the friends you bring along.

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