Lunch at Frankfurt’s Römer / Lunch in the heart of Frankfurt

You can enjoy your lunch in two different areas, each with a terrace if you like to savour the hopefully good weather.
-> Margarete’s Bistro with a relaxed coffee house atmosphere
-> our restaurant area for your undisturbed meeting
We are looking forward to welcome you!


Our daily special

Mondays to Fridays, Mama-Margarete serves you a different meal for Euro 9,50 Euro. Simply order and dig in … just like at home.
Have a look here… 

Margarete’s lunch menu

Our lunch menu in three courses may change on a daily basis.
These are the fix components:
25 Euro


Business-lunch à la carte

with eggplant crisp and gremolata
6,80 €
grilled avocado
with chicory-orange-salad and salsa criolla quinoa
8,50 €
Margarete’s potato soup /6,50 €
+ wild prawn /8,80 €
+ grilled mushrooms /8 €
small mixed salad with knick-knack
+ caramelised figs & Grana Padano /8,50 €
+ roasted slices of beef and colourful crisps /9,50 €

risotto of beluga lentils
with grilled and smoked eggplant & feta cheese /16,50 €
with potato-truffles-froth and creamy kraut /18,50 €
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sweetpotato fries with spicy dip /4,50 €
homemade fries with dip /4,50 €
serving of gratinated spinach /4,50 €
small salad /5,50 €

Grilled Entrecote with pepper-herb butter-gratinated spinach and homemade fries /26,50€
Ossobuco (veal)
flamed buffalo mozzarella
each with gremolata, baked tomatoes and creamy polenta /16,50 €
French corn chicken supreme
saffron-salmon fried on the skin
with colourful vegetables and small potatoes /18,50 €
Taunus bull filet (180 grammes) with side dishes after choice /28 €
Grilled bovine hip (250 grammes) with side dishes after choice /25,50 €

Two kinds of homemade sorbets /5,50 €
chocolate with berries /6,50 €

SALADS – colourful and delicious
with sesame, honey & GOAT’s CHEESE /14,50 Euro
with aromatic, marinated CORN FED CHICKEN / 15,50 Euro
with CALAMARI /15,50 Euro
small SIDE SALAD /4 Euro

tranche of salmon
180 grammes / 16,50 Euro
sirloin steak
180 grammes / 18,50 Euro
The bovine hip does need about 15 minutes.  We’ll be happy to serve you a salad beforehand.
corn fed chicken supreme
180 grammes / 16,40 Euro
Every dish is served on small roasted potatoes and vanilla-chili-carrots together with a bowl of salad including nuts, mushrooms, radishes and croutons.


Our Bistro-carte

Caesar Salad
romain lettuce, grilled French chicken, parmesan and Caesar-dressing with steam /13,50€
Calamari & Chips
crispy deep-fried squid rings, melting and tender. With potato wedges and remoulade /12,50€
+ salad /14,50€
Margarete’s Green Sauce with 4 half eggs
with small roasted potatoes and fresh horseradish /12,50€
… with pink prime boiled beef /15,50€
Falafel on bulgur-tomato-salad
with tahini-lime-sauce … vegan! Delicious! /10,50 Euro
Aromatic meatballs
on bulgur-tomato-salad
with tahini-lime-sauce /11,50€
Dondi – stuffed pasta
with pear, walnut, gorgonzola, orange and sage
on summery apple-red kraut /15,50€

Two kinds of homemade sorbets
depending on the mood of the kitchen team … /5,50€
Homemade muesli with yoghurt
in a jelly glas By request with nuts. With organic yoghurt /4,80€
tray-baked cakes…
changing daily, From our favourite bakery. täglich wechselnd. 
whip + 70 Cent
have a look in the disply cabinet

…  served between noon and 11pm
Handkäs ́mit Musik
local cheese marinated with onions & vinegar /5,50€
Hummus with olive oil
pickled peppers, Sumac, farmhouse bread /6,80€
Lentil salad
pickled, spicy tomatoes & salted lemon / 5,80€
Lentil salad original feta
with sheep’s milk cheese and salted lemon /6,50€
Frankfurt’s Grüne Soße
Frankfurt’s specialty made from fresh herbs and sour cream with pickled egg and coarse salt /5,50€
Dip & olives
sour cream, fresh herbs and marinated olives with farmhouse bread /5,50€
Chick pea salad
with fresh herbs & salted lemon /6,50€
Salad Turki
taste sensation with eggplant, tomato, zucchini, loads of spices and fresh herbs /6,50€
with homemade sauce /4,50€
Sweetpotato fries
with spicy coriander sauce /5,50€
Grilled panini
with bread from our Italian bakery | vegi or with chorizo /4,80€
Margarete’s potato soup
with orange-herbs-oil & purple potato crisps
small /6,80€ 
big /9,50€
Carrot-coconut-soup with galangal
small /6,80€
big /9,50€

daily variations in our menu remain reserved, since all meals are prepared on a daily basis.