Breakfast in Frankfurt’s historic center

We provide breakfast à la carte in our café as well as a huge breakfast buffet on weekends and holidays (10am to 2:30pm) in our restaurant area. The buffet is € 16,50 for grownups and € 1,- per year of age for children and does include drip coffee and one glass of orange juice.

For our small guests to be entertained we keep children’s books, painting and play-things ready. Don’t hesitate to aks the service team.


Margarete’s breakfast dishes for more energy!


Two eggs in a pepper-tomato-ragout, cooked with hummus, served in an earthenware dish, with a small salad and bread.  € 11,50


Stramme (“sturdy”) Margarete

Butter-roasted farmhouse bread with salad, cuke , tomato, Italian salami, cheese from the Alps and two fried eggs. € 11,50

Vegetarian: with double cheese


Special eggs Benedict

Poached egg with tossed rocket salad and chervil hollandaise on toasted bread. € 10,50


Margarete’s small breakfast in our bistro

Homemade muesli with yoghurt

In a jelly glass with nuts and organic yoghurt. € 4,50

with fresh fruit salad. € 6,50


2 fried eggs

… à la nature with bun and butter (hens from the open ground). € 3,50

… with chives, tomato, onions and bacon. € 4,50


4 scrambled eggs

… à la nature with bun and butter (hens from the open ground). € 5,50

… with chives, tomato, onions and bacon. € 6,80

… with prawns from the polar sea. € 8,50


fresh orange juice
directly squeezed. 100% tasty. 0,2l / €3,50


Steiner’s Sparkling wine from the Riesling grape
Rheinhessen 2012
dry, fizzy and brisk
0,1 l / € 5,50